Our Word on the Environment





With the growing concern for our environment and the deforestation of the rain forests around the world, it is significant to Kuda to inform our customers that none of the wood used in the crafting of our furniture stems from the Indonesian rain forest.

Over 400 years ago Dutch settlers brought along with some of their culture and traditions wood seedlings from Honduras to Indonesia and grew Mahogany trees along road sides. The Dutch recognized Mahogany as an ideal hardwood for building furniture. Only later Indonesians started using the mahogany for wood carving and the carving remains a remarkable art form to present. Today Mahogany and Teak in Indonesia grows foremost on plantations in Java.

The farmers carefully grow the trees in distinctive patterns, each field displaying trees in various stages of growth. Once the mature trees are harvested, the fields are re-seeded to maintain a healthy reforestation. The government controls and regulates all wood cutting. Each tree cut for the creation of hand-carved furniture is accounted for and cross-referenced against finished merchandise exported abroad.

I also make a point of designing and buying furniture made from reclaimed woods and fast growing fruit trees, the result are hard woods with character and patina that cannot be made by mass produced furniture.